Shut down for the season. Service to restart in March.

Shut down for the season.
Service to restart in March.




Regular tree trimming is crucial to maintain healthy and strong trees. It prevents damage and maintains the tree’s structure by removing overgrowth.

Reasons to Trim a Tree (instead of removing it!)


Compromised, damaged or dead trees may need to be removed to ensure the safety of homeowners and the protection of property. Options available to leave the trunk to a specified height, leave wood on-site for customer use or full cleanup available.


An alternative to trimming or removing a tree is to cable risky limbs together. Many factors can lead to tree limbs becoming dangerous, such as storms or simply the natural growth of the tree. Many customers do not want to remove large limbs or take down mature trees, so cabling may be the perfect option. 

Stump Grinding

A final stage of tree removals is grinding the stump. Picking this option, allows customers to grow grass, plant a new tree and build where the previous tree once lived. Customers are left with the stump grindings, unless other arrangements have been made.

Firewood + Wood Chips

Seasoned firewood and wood chips available upon request.

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